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[COVID-19] The Updated CBNU Academic schedules For 2020

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Chungbuk National University officially announces that we are decided to alter our academic schedules of 2020 so as to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

1. Admission approval day: Mar. 2, 2020

2. School events

A. The matriculation ceremony has been canceled.

B. The start day of class is deferred to Mar. 16, 2020. (15 week-long class, 2weeks deferred)

- A quarter, a third and three quarters of the number of standard school days(1/4, 1/3, 3/4)
have been deferred for 2weeks

- The suggested Mid-term period is on the 8th week.

- The suggested makeup class and Final test are from June 22 ~ July 2, 2020.

- The period for GPA input and checkup is each June 22 and July 6, 2020.

- The start of summer vacation is July 3, 2020.

※ [Only For Chinese Students Not Entering Korea]
15 week-long Online classes will be provided for Chinese students not entering Korea. Those Chinese students including domestic students will be required to take Online classes until COVID-19 eases off.(Offline class should be taken afterward.)

C. Worker’s Day(May 1, 2020) will be a day off.

D. The period of Summer semester has been deferred for 2weeks.(July 6 ~ 24, 2020)

- The deadline to submit the result of the thesis's publication for a Doctorate degree has been
deferred for 2weeks.

E. The comprehensive test of qualification to submit for Master's and Doctorate Degree, the deadline of
screening of thesis and report, the deadline of final thesis submitting has been deferred for 1 week.

3. Inquiry

A. Course Registration : +82-43-261-2015(Bureau of administration)

B. Academic status such as Leave of Absence : +82-43-261-2017(Dept. of Graduate School Policy)

C. School events such as matriculation & commencement ceremony : +82-43-261-3534(Office of administration)

D. Int'l Admission for Degree program : +82-43-261-3841(Office of Int'l Services)

※ If there is any interpretative dispute, please follow the Korean version.

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