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[BK21] 해외석학초빙 특별강좌 개최 안내

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I 작성일 :
BK21충북정보기술사업단 해외석학초빙 특별 강좌

o 강좌명 : Digital TV on mobile
o 연 사 : Minoru Okada
o 소 속 : Nara Institute of Science and Technology, 교수
o 장 소 : 학연산 205호 세미나실
o 강의일정 :
10월 22일(월) 오전 10시~12시, 오후 2시~5시
10월 23일(화) 오전 10시~12시, 오후 2시~5시
o 강좌내용 :
Digital TV on mobile : The Doppler shift due to fast motion of the receiver generates the inter-channel interference and drastically degrades the performance. The attenuation due to shadowing and fading phenomena is still a major problem for mobile reception of digital TV. There are limitations in size, complexity and power consumption of the receiver for mobile terminals. That is, it is difficult to apply complex algorithms to solve the problems. In this short presentation, I will present research activities for digital TV on mobile terminals to solve the difficulties mentioned above.

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1 [2018학년도 제2학기 산학초청세미나[-(12/6) 2018.12.06 첨부파일 48
2 [2018학년도 제2학기 산학초청세미나[-(11/29) 2018.11.26 53
3 [2018학년도 제2학기 산학초정세미나]-(11/15) 2018.11.15 82
4 [2018학년도 제2학기 산학초청세미나]-(11/8) 2018.11.06 첨부파일 94
5 [2018학년도 제2학기 산학초청세미나]-(11/1) 2018.11.01 98
6 [2018학년도 제2학기 산학초청세미나]-(10/25) 2018.10.24 첨부파일 135
7 [2018학년도 제2학기 산학초청세미나]-(10/18) 2018.10.16 첨부파일 132
8 [2018학년도 제2학기 산학초청세미나]-(10/11) 2018.10.08 118
9 [2018학년도 제2학기 산학초청세미나]-(10/4) 2018.10.04 138
10 [2018학년도 제2학기 산학초청세미나]-(9/20) 2018.09.18 첨부파일 213
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