Department of Semiconductor Engineering

The Department of Semiconductor Engineering aims to nurture professional skills in the semiconductor area, which is a foundation of the 4th industrial revolution. It offers diverse courses and semiconductor industry-tailored training programs for graduate students. Its curriculum covers general engineering courses specialized in the semiconductor area, including circuits, systems, devices, processes, software, communication, and electronics systems.

The department has established an excellent educational infrastructure including semiconductor fabrication facilities. It has recruited faculties with abundant industry experiences to provide a curriculum that can better prepare students for future industry positions. In addition, it provides scholarship programs co-operated with companies that offer employment opportunities. Thanks to its well-organized curriculum and various support programs, graduates in semiconductor engineering have been employed by global conglomerates (e.g. Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, Magnachip, Silicon Works, etc.), academia, public corporations, and national research institutes with leading roles in the semiconductor industry.

Faculty and Labs


Course No. Course Credit
Display Engineering 3-3-0
8836265 Semiconductor Physics I 3-3-0
8836266 Semiconductor Physics II 3-3-0
8836268 Semiconductor & Integrated Circuit Modeling for CAD 3-3-0
8836269 Principles of Semiconductor Fabrication 3-3-0
8836270 Semiconductor Optoelectronics 3-3-0
8836272 Advanced VLSI Design 3-3-0
8836273 Advanced Digital System Design 3-3-0
8836274 VLSI Testing 3-3-0
8836275 Advanced CAD 3-3-0
8836276 Special Topics in Semiconductor Engineering I 3-3-0
8836277 Special Topics in Semiconductor Engineering II 3-3-0
8836278 Nano-Electronic Devices 3-3-0
8836279 Advanced Semiconductor Circuits Design 3-3-0
8836281 Power Semiconductor Devices 3-3-0
8836283 High Power Device Circuit Design 3-3-0
8836284 Semiconductor Packaging 3-3-0
8836285 Solid State Electronics 3-3-0
8836287 Microwave Circuit Design 3-3-0
8836288 Low Power Circuit Design 3-3-0
8836289 Mixed Mode Circuit Design 3-3-0
8836290 Memory Devices & Circuit 3-3-0
8836292 System C 3-3-0
8836294 Synthesis of Digital Circuit 3-3-0
8836295 Mixed Signal System 3-3-0
8836296 SoC Design 3-3-0
8836297 System Verilog 3-3-0
8836423 Core Design using HDL 3-3-0
8836514 Low Power Sensor Circuit Design 3-3-0
8836515 Solar Cells 3-3-0
Advanced Semiconductor Devices 3-3-0
Advanced Semiconductor Fabrication 3-3-0
Reliability of Semiconductor Devices 3-3-0