Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science has produced hundreds of masters and doctoral degrees students since it started its graduate program in 1984. As of 2021, twelve faculty members are leading the department, and dozens of graduate students are pursuing their studies in graduate school. Through many research and educational partnerships, the faculty exercises daily leadership in the fields of computational theory, system software, big data, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, intelligence software, computer vision and graphics, VR/AR, 5G, edge cloud computing, software safety, etc. In addition, the department conducts advanced research and development with funding from the government and industries, and are enthusiastically conducting academic activities such as patent registrations, journal paper publications, and overseas exchanges.

The demand for professional workforce in computer science is increasing due to chronological changes such as the 4th industrial revolution and the digital transformation era. The diverse interdisciplinary research of the department is also extending into areas not traditionally considered part of computer science. In this regard, the department welcomes international students with a passion for computer science, non-computing major students for various convergence research, and undergraduate students majoring in computer science. The department encourages prospective students to explore the department websites to learn more about its research and faculty members.

Faculty and Labs


Course No. Course Credit
8836530 Advanced system software 3-3-0
8836316 Advanced Image Processing 3-3-0
8836317 Advanced Operating System 3-3-0
8836321 Topics in Computer ScienceⅠ 3-3-0
8836322 Topics in Computer ScienceⅡ 3-3-0
8836323 Advanced Information Retrieval 3-3-0
8836327 Advanced Computer Graphics 3-3-0
8836331 Machine Learning 3-3-0
8836332 Data Mining 3-3-0
8836334 Advanced Computer Architecture 3-3-0
8836532 Intelligent Software Quality 3-3-0
8836342 Protocol Engineering 3-3-0
8836344 Software Architecture 3-3-0
8836347 Topics in Computer Vision 3-3-0
8836348 Application in Pattern Recognition Systems 3-3-0
8836420 Advanced Natural Language Processing 3-3-0
8836421 Advanced Augmented Reality 3-3-0
8836422 Advanced Database Design 3-3-0
8836468 Advanced Data Communications 3-3-0
8836533 Advanced Cloud Computing 3-3-0
8836471 Biomedical & Bio Informatics 3-3-0
8836472 Advanced Embedded System 3-3-0
8836534 Software Testing Practice 3-3-0
8836474 Advanced Virtual Reality 3-3-0
8836475 Advanced Bigdata Visualization 3-3-0
8836477 Advanced Distributed Database System 3-3-0
8836535 Advanced Internet Technologies & IoT Topics 3-3-0
8836531 Deep Learning and Deep Learning Framework 3-3-0
8836480 Advanced Computer Networks 3-3-0
8836536 Data Center System Design 3-3-0
8836482 Advanced Unstructured Big Data Processing 3-3-0
8836483 Advanced Database System Theory & Practices 3-3-0
8846484 Advanced Big Data Analytics 3-3-0
8836485 Software Engineering Research Subjects 3-3-0
8836516 Design and analysis of Algorithm 3-3-0
8836517 Graph Theory for Computer Science 3-3-0
8836518 Advanced Data structures 3-3-0
8856519 Principle and Practices of Parallel Programming 3-3-0