Department of Computer Engineering

The Department of Computer Engineering aims to cultivate graduates armed with creativity, individuality, and expertise, all of which are essential in the knowledge-based society of the 21st Century. The faculty performs world-class research in the field of natural language processing, fuzzy theory and gesture recognition, computer architecture, wireless networks and internet of things, bioinformatics and machine learning, system software, embedded and mobile systems, text mining and artificial intelligence, humancomputer interaction, information management and analytics, mobile and internet computing, real-world computing, software theory, systems, and theoretical computer science.

The department has designed and implemented corporations’ perspective-oriented and student-centered curriculum, which covers a wide range of foundational courses to more advanced, intensive courses in computer engineering. It has also developed a graduate program that provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue professional careers or doctoral studies. There are numerous benefits for graduate students in the department. Specifically, the department provides financial support for graduate students. After graduation, it supports graduates to find positions in global tech companies, research institutes, and governmental organizations.

Faculty and Labs


Course No. Course Credit
8836520 Current Topics on Programming Languages 3-3-0
8836521 Advanced Mobile Computing 3-3-0
8836522 Advanced Artificial Intelligence 3-3-0
8836523 Advanced Machine Learning 3-3-0
8836524 Bioinformatics 3-3-0
8836525 Advanced Software Engineering 3-3-0
8836526 Advanced Database System 3-3-0
8836355 Advanced System Performance Evaluation 3-3-0
8836361 TCP/IP Protocol 3-3-0
8836367 Advanced Digital Image Processing 3-3-0
8836376 Advanced Distributed Operating 3-3-0
8836378 Advanced Embedded System 3-3-0
8836379 Advanced Ubiquitous Computing 3-3-0
8836380 Advanced Fuzzy Measure 3-3-0
8836381 Advanced Serious Game Design 3-3-0
8836382 Advanced Gesture Recognition 3-3-0
8836383 Advanced Algorithms 3-3-0
8836384 Ubiquitous Decision Making Theory 3-3-0
8836386 Processor Architecture 3-3-0
8836388 Synthesis of Digital Circuit 3-3-0
8836393 Display Engineering 3-3-0
8836486 Artificial Neural Networks 3-3-0
8836487 Advanced Natural Language Processing 3-3-0
8836488 Current Topics on Natural Language Processing 3-3-0
8836489 Current topics on Korean Language Processing 3-3-0
8836490 Human Language Technology 3-3-0
8836492 Advanced Cyber-Physical Systems 3-3-0
8836493 Cognitive Networks and Systems 3-3-0
8836494 Advanced Operating Systems 3-3-0
8836495 Advanced Computer Architecture 3-3-0
Advanced Information Security 3-3-0
Intelligent Systems 3-3-0
Dialog System and Chatbot 3-3-0
Data Literacy 3-3-0
AI for Medical Domain 3-3-0
AI for Security Domain 3-3-0
Advanced System Software 3-3-0
8836358 Wireless Network Technologies 3-3-0
8836362 Data Communication System 3-3-0
8836366 Digital-Image Processing 3-3-0
8836368 Digital Image Communication 3-3-0
8836369 Advanced Computer Vision 3-3-0
8836377 Embedded Middleware 3-3-0
8836491 Internet Routing Architecture 3-3-0