School of Electronics Engineering

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The School of Electronics Engineering aims to cultivate professional talents required in telecommunications, semiconductors, computers, and automation and provides a systematic curriculum to achieve this goal. The department has provided opportunities for graduates to enter international graduate schools as well as get job in diverse companies, showing the highest employment rates of the last two decades. In response to the rapid development of electronic engineering technologies, the department offers in-depth learning of semiconductor engineering and the control and instrumentation engineering majors. In addition, eighteen committed and talented faculty members actively provide basic and advanced education in various fields of electronics engineering.

The School of Electronic Engineering has laid great emphasis on the following four fields of education in the intensive major course for the senior year :

  • Digital/Satellite Communications, Antenna & Microwave Engineering, Image, and Voice Signals Processing have been covered in the field of Communication & Signal Processing

  • Computer Architecture, Digital Circuits Design, and IC Chip Design have been covered in the field of Computer & Digital Systems

  • All things concerning Semiconductor Devices, Design and Processes have been covered in the field of Semiconductors

  • The education on Automatic Controllers, Robotics, Factory Automation, and GPS Applications are provided in the field of Control Measurement/Automation

The current state of employment after graduation

The graduates of our department can choose different types of career paths in Electronics & Semiconductor Corporations, Broadcast Technician Jobs, Research laboratories of Electronics & Semiconductors, or IT and telecommunications companies. For example, the graduates of our department work for major companies, such as Samsung Electronics, LG Philips, SK Hynix, Siliconworks, Nepes, Kepco, Korail, Kumho Electric, and others. Moreover, there are many opportunities to move forward into new and related fields yet to be developed in the information age.

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