School of Information and Communication Engineering

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The School of Information & Communication Engineering aims to cultivate engineers specializing in wired and wireless communication technology, communication network technology, multimedia information processing technology, and software technology, all of which are the backbone leading the future of the information age.

The core of Smart Phones, Smart Work, Smart Cities, and Smart Grids, which have been emerging as trends and attracted a great deal of attention from the public, is information and communication technology. Responding to this trend, the department provides an intense curriculum to foster global talents suited to intelligent society and the future of information society. We developed the consumer-focused education system by implementing large-scale national projects such as the BK21 Project, NURI Project, and others. Furthermore, the department has been focusing its efforts on fostering adaptability in industrial sites based on the reinforcement of education for theory and practical work, institutionalizing in-depth guidance for students through regular and frequent consultation to improve their career path and employment rate.

The current state of employment after graduation

Graduates of our department can choose to work in the following fields:

  • Communication: communications equipment manufacturing, RF parts manufacturing, antenna manufacturing

  • Multimedia information processing: computer programming, audio and video

  • Information: Internet service, enterprise, laboratory, graduate school, and more.

Currently, graduates of our department have established themselves in many conglomerates, including Samsung Group affiliates (Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Samsung SDS), LG Group affiliates (LG Electronics, LG Philips LCD, LG, CNS), SK Group affiliates (SK Telecom, SK Corporation), and Hynix, many small and mid-sized venture businesses such as Ahnlab, NAVER, Kakao, and other various related public corporations. Moreover, external recruitment in IT has been expanded by the government’s policy of boosting venture businesses and diverse jobs such as freelancers, teleworking, and entrepreneurship.

Faculty and Labs