School of Computer Science

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The School of Computer Science has stared its undergraduate program in 1984. Since then it has produced many excellent developers and researchers in computer science and engineering industry. The School has pursued a mission to produce well-rounded graduates who have creative problem-solving and development skills. The School provides the specialized curricula for two major programs: Artificial Intelligence and Software. The curricula consist of such subjects as omputational theory, system software, big data, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, intelligence software, computer vision and graphics, VR/AR, 5G, edge cloud computing, and software safety.

The School of Computer Science provides the major-based education that reflects the demand for technology from the industry as well as the education mainly with practical works through the direct and indirect participation and contribution of faculties students and industries intimately connected to the department. Furthermore, through the curricula, which primarily covers basic theories of computers and in-depth practices of programming and the latest IT technologies, students get ready to lead IT industries.

The current state of employment after graduation

Our graduates choose career paths in diverse software application fields such as the conglomerates (Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDS, LG Electronics, LG CNS), small and mid-sized companies (NHN Daum and NCsoft), computing departments in public institutions, and commercial banks, software consulting computer education and more.

Faculty and Labs