Facts & Figures

Chungbuk National University College of Electrical & Computer Engineering

First class 21st century Engineering College fostering every student
as multi-talented individual with diversified curricula and experiential
learning opportunities

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering was established in 2000, which is the first department being at a college level in national universities in Korea. In 2009, the Department was elevated to College of Electrical and Computer Engineering, which is the first college for information technology in the flagship national universities in Korea. The college consists of four schools and two departments : School of Electrical Engineering, School of Electronics Engineering, School of Information and Communication Engineering, School of Computer Science, Department of Computer Engineering, and Department of Intelligent Systems and Robotics.

Our strategic vision is to produce graduates who lead IT industries by providing a high quality educational supports and experience. To realize this vision, we provide specialized curricula for IT industries and well-organized labs for experiments and practices along with vast amount of educational expenses. We offer master’s degree, combined master’s and doctoral degree, and doctoral degree programs in the following 8 departments: Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronics Engineering, Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Department of Radio and Communications Engineering, Department of Control and Robot Engineering, Department of Semiconductor Engineering, Department of Computer Science, and Department of Computer Engineering. The departments of graduate programs offer specialized curricula for cutting-edge theories and applications and provide various opportunities to get involved in research and development projects. Our 66 faculty members, nearly 1,800 undergraduates and 300 graduates have made best efforts to achieve the vision and missions.

Such efforts above have resulted in the following accomplishments

  • One of the Top 3 colleges specializing in IT among the flagship national universities
    • the first college for IT among the national universities in Korea

    • Working on 11 IT Specialized Projects: Scholarship/Student’s Education / Research / Industry-University Cooperation / Overseas Education

  • Offering Major Tracks Tailored to Specific Companies
    • Magnachip, SK Hynix, Dongwoo Electric Corp., LX Works, ABOV Semiconductor, ITCEN, Nepes tracks

    • Scholarship and Employment at the company after graduation

  • Highest level of Students' Creativity and Professors' ability of research
    • Plenty of student research clubs and many awards in nationwide competitions

    • Excellent research performances and results of faculties

Our college has big dreams and makes them come true with students and faculty.