Dean’s Message

충북대학교 전자정보대학장 이건명
Welcome to the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering!

The College of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Chungbuk National University was founded in 2009, and is the oldest electrical and computer engineering college among the flagship national universities in Korea. Through education, research, and entrepreneurship, we seek to produce highly qualified engineers and researchers that will lead the fourth industrial revolution and create innovative solutions that benefit society.

The goal of our college is to provide a high quality educational experience to our students. Our curriculum is designed to arm students with both theoretical and practical knowledge, and to encourage creative and critical thinking. We aim to produce graduates who are not just competent engineers, but those who are willing to dive into new challenges, embrace collaborative thinking, and adopt a global mindset. In addition to our educational infrastructure, we have also directed intensive efforts toward research on fundamental theories and development of products and services through collaboration with industries.

The College of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate programs through the doctoral level, as well as graduate degree programs for working professionals. As of 2021, we have 66 faculty members and 20 non-tenure track faculty members, and around 1,800 undergraduate and 300 graduate students. We also provide extensive financial support for our students. 65% of our tuition revenue is used for student scholarships and 165% of the revenue have been reinvested into educational expenses.

Our college also maintains active and productive connections to industry and government and have been awarded various governmental human resource development and research grants. In the past few years, we have been the recipient of the National Program of Excellence in Software(USD 11.5M; KRW 13.5B, 2019.3-2024.12), Digital Innovation Sharing University Project(USD 8.12M; KRW 9.6B, 2021.5-2027.2), BK21 FOUR Program for Graduate School(USD 11.5M; KRW 13.5B, 2020.6-2027.8), Industrial AI Research Center(USD 17.1M; KRW 20B, 2020.7-2027.12), and Research Institute for Computer and Information Communication (USD 0.81M; KRW8.3B, 2020.6-2029.5).

With our devoted and talented faculty members, the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering will continue our best efforts to carry out our missions and responsibilities in education and research. We are here to help our students reach their full potential and to make a positive impact on our society and the world through our technical innovations.

Keon Myung Lee
Dean, College of Electrical and Computer Engineering