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The College started the ECE(Electrical and Computer Engineering) Frontier Symposia which aims to promote her international collaboration activities with overseas universities, organizations, and researchers. The First ECE Frontier Symposia was held with the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Mongolia National University, on the 13th, October.


The participants of our College are Keon Myung Lee(Dean), Ohyun Jo(Vice Dean), Jang-Eui Hong(Department Head, Professor, Department of Computer Science), Kyu-Ri Jo (Assistant Professor, International Cooperation Manager of BK21 FOUR Program), Aziz Nasridinov (Associate Professor, Internationalization Board Member), Mi-Hye Kim (Professor, Department of Computer Engineering), and HyungWon Kim, (Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering).


The participants from the National Mongolia University are Byambajav Dorj (Dean, Associate Professor), Oyun-Erdene Namsrai (Department Head, Professor, Dept. of Information and Computer Sciences), Batbileg Sukhee (Department Head, Associate Professor, Dept. of Applied Mathematics), Chinzorig Radnaabazar (Department Head, Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering), Sonomdagva Chonokhuu (Department Head, Professor, Dept. of Environment and Forest Engineering), Battulga Davaasambuu (Department Head, Associate Professor, Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering), Ganbat Baasantseren (Professor, Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering), Usukhbayar Baldangombo (Associate Professor, Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering), Bayasgalan Dugarjav Associate Professor, (Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering).


The symposium was carried out using online video conferencing. Dean Keon Myung Lee introduced our College to them, and Dean Byambajav Dorj also introduced his College. Both colleges signed the Memorandum of Understanding for mutual collaborations and discussed future plans.









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