School of Electrical Engineering

Laboratory of Electrical Machines and CAE

  • Chang-seop Koh (E8-3 / 461 / +82-43-261-2426)
  • LAB: Electric Machinery
  • Seoul National university
  • Samsung Electro-mechanics co. ltd
  • Current Research Areas: Electric machinery - design and performance analysis Iron loss analysis - motor and transformer, Magnetostriction analysis - motor and transformer.


  • B.A., M.A., Ph.D. in Engineering, Seoul National University
  • Institute of Industrial Technology(Ministry of Commerce and Industry), Researcher in HDTV
    Research Centre, 1990
  • Special researcher, Seoul National University's Engineering Research Institute, 1992
  • Senior researcher, CAE Team, Research Institute, Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd., 1994
  • Professor, Chungbuk National University, 1996~ Present

Research Area(Electrical Machines)

  • Analysis and design of properties of electrical equipment
  • Design of Motor and Power Transformer and properties analysis
  • Iron Loss Analysis of Motor and Power Transformer
  • Analysis of Magnetostrictive Phenomena
  • Numerical Analysis of Eelectromagnetic Fields

Research Project(recent three years)

  • Algorithm Development of Iron Loss Analysis of Electrical Equipment
  • Efficiency improvement of Light Rail Transit Traction Motor and a shape optimal design for Torque ripple reduction
  • Development of Interior Permanent Magnet BLDC Motor for portable electrically-drive tool
  • Reliability-based robust and global Design Optimization Technique of Electric Machine considering uncertainty of the Magnetic Characteristics of Silicon Steel Plate
  • Measurement of Magnetostriction Characteristics of Electrical Steel Sheet for Power Transformer to predict the Exciting Force of the Transformer Magnetostriction
  • Comparison between Embossed products and Adhesive core products for Magnetic Characteristics and Iron Loss Characteristics

Career after Graduation

  • Jahwa Electronics Co., Ltd., LS Industrial System Co., Ltd., Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, JUSTEK, Korea Testing Certification, etc.

Electrical Machines laboratory

  • Prof. Laboratory : #461, Building E8-3
  • Telephone : 274-2426
  • Email :
  • Graduate School Laboratory : #467 Building E8-3, #120 Building E8-1
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