School of Electrical Engineering

Advanced Power Infrastructure Research Group

  • Research Advisor: Myungchin Kim Ph.D. (E8-3 / 363 / +82-43-261-3670)
  • Ph.D, Electrical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, 2015
  • 2006. 1 - 2017. 2: Researcher, Agency for Defense Development
  • 2017. 3 - Present: Assistant Professor, School of Electrical Engineering, Chungbuk National University
  • Current Research Areas: Electrical Insulation, Asset Management, Microgrids, Novel Power Networks for Emerging Applications

Research Area

  • Reliability of Power Infrastructures and Energy Networks Development of Power conversion device
  • Eco-Friendly Materials for Electrical Insulation
  • Condition Monitoring and Characterization of Dielectrics for Power Apparatus Applications (Asset Management)
  • Design, Control and Operation of Microgrids

Research Projects

  • Reliability Analysis of Power Interfaces for Emerging Applications
  • Characterization of Electrical Insulation Performance for DC Applications
  • Fundamental studies on aging characteristics of Solid Insulation Materials
  • Development of a lifetime analysis framework of Power Infrastructures

Major Research Sponsors

  • National Research Foundation, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and ICT
  • Korea Electric Power Cooperation (KEPCO), LS Electric, Dong-Hae Eco-Energy


  • Office for Electrical Material and Power Infrastructure Research : #320- Building E8-1
  • High Voltage Test Facility: Building E8-4 (1stAnnexFactoryforEngineeringStudies)
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