Department of Electronics Engineering

Electronic Communication Lab [Prof. Heung-Gyun Yu]


  • Heung-Gyun Yu (E10-412/+82-43-261-2477)
  • Lab : Electronic Communication /
  • Major : Digital Communications, Communication Circuit Design
  • Profiles
    • Ph.D. Degree : Doctor of Engineering, Seoul National University, 1989
    • 1988.2 ~present Chungbuk National University Professor of Electronic Engineering
    • 2002.3 ~ 2004.3 Chungbuk National University, Institute of Computer Information Communications
    • 2002.3 ~ 2004.3 Chungbuk National University Information Technology Management Science Institute
    • 1999.3 ~ present IEEE Transaction on Communication, Vehicular Technology, Communication Letter, papers, etc. Judges
    • 1994 ~ present Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Planning, Information and Communication Research Institute, KRF, Korea Science Foundation, the evaluation committee, specialized committees, review committees, etc.
    • Current Research Areas : 3G & 4G mobile communications, Digital Communications

Research Areas

  • Mobile Communication, Wireless Communication, Satellite Communication, Communication Signal Processing
  • Current Graduate Students: 3 in master’s program, 8 in doctoral program
  • Award Winning Results: World-Class Communication
    • Winner of 2002 Scholar Award presented by Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science
    • Winner of Best Paper Award presented at ICWMC 2008, Athens, Greece on Jul. 27-Aug. 1, 2008
    • Winner of Best Paper Award presented at SPACOMM 2009, Colmar, France on Jul. 20-25, 2009
    • Winner of Best Paper Award presented at The 2nd Conference on Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio held in Korea University Oct. 2010
    • Winner of Excellent Scholar Award presented by Chungbuk University
  • Current State of Graduates

World-Class Communication Lab

  • Research interchange activities with top-class labs of overseas universities in USA, Japan, England, German, Australia, New Zealand, China, etc.
  • Attended top-class international conferences, such as ICC, Globecome, VTC and MILCOM, and presented papers.
    • Electronic Communication Research Society: Regular meeting (Annual meeting: every May, Year-end party: every December)
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