Department of Electronics Engineering

Communication System Lab [Prof. Bo-seok Seo]


  • BoSeok Seo (E10-510/+82-43-261-3267)
  • Lab :Communication System
  • Major : Digital Communication & Broadcasting System
  • Profiles
    • Ph.D. Degree: Doctor of Engineering, Seoul National University, 1997
    • 1998~1999 Samsung Electronics Central Research Institute Senior Researcher
    • 1999~2004 Information and Communication Technology Research Institute, Korea University Research Professor
    • 2004.9~present Professor of Electronics Engineering, Chungbuk National University
    • Current Research Areas: Digital Communication & Broadcasting System

Research Areas

Military Communication, Mobile Communication, GPS Signal Processing, Digital TV, Wireless LAN

Research Projects (in progress)

  • Automatic Modulation Recognition
  • SDR System Development for Navigation System
  • Development of Transmission System for Mobile Communication

Research Projects (last 3 years)

  • Development of Transmission Scheme for Next-Generation DMB
  • Development of Transmission Scheme for Next-Generation Satellite Communication
  • Development of Wireless LAN Receiver

Career after Graduation

Mobile Communication, Digital TV, Communication Component Manufacturing Companies/Research Institutes

Features of Communication Scheme Lab

  • Creative and autonomous lab atmosphere aimed at cultivating an outstanding specialist
  • Acquisition of hands-on knowledge by carrying out projects
  • Provision of diverse learning opportunities


  • Professor laboratory: Room 510, Education Hall [Phone 261-3267]
  • Graduate laboratory: Room 501, Education Hall [Contact to Yujoon Won at 070-8267-3267]
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