Department of Electronics Engineering

Image Communication Lab [Prof. Jaewon Seo]


  • Jae-Won Seo (E10-511/+82-43-261-3268)
  • Lab :Image Communication /
  • Major : Image Communication
  • Profiles
    • h.D. Degree: GIST Doctor of Engineering , 2003
    • 2003~2004.8 LG Electronics Institute of Technology Senior / Research
    • 2004.9~present Professor of Electrical Engineering, Chungbuk National University 2014.3~2016.2 Chungbuk National University of Electical & Computer Engineering, Associate Dean
    • Current Research Areas: Image Communication

Research Areas

  • Image Compression and Processing, Scalable Video Coding [SVC]
  • Finger Printing, Watermarking
  • Video Compression
  • SVC Applicati
  • Copyright Protection Application

Major Project Performances

  • Video Standard
    • Development of Realtime Video Decoding Method
    • Study on the Latest Ultra-HD Video Compression Technology
    • Study on Compression Technology for Three-Dimensional Stereoscopic Images
  • DSP Board: HW Implementation of Video Compression
  • Copyright Protection: Study on Finger Printing and Watermark Technology

Domestic Technology Trends

Video Compression Standard

  • Development of next generation video compression technologies for major companies, such as Samsung Electronics, LG, SKT, etc.
  • H.265[HEVC] : Accomplishment of video compression technology enhanced by 2~3 times compared to existing H.264 technology
  • Necessity of study for improving SVC technique owing to the prevalence of smart TV

Copyright Protection

  • Necessity of measures for unauthorized publications of video contents as well as sound sources [Soribada, Bugs Music, etc.]
  • Appearances of companies specializing in contents protection

Research Results for the Last 3 Years

  • 4 Papers with SCI level, 6 Papers for Overseas Societies
  • 2 Papers for Domestic Journal, 9 Papers for Domestic Societies
  • Spain
  • USA
  • Austria


  • Professor laboratory: Room 511, Education Hall [Phone 261-3268]
  • Graduate laboratory: Room 505, Education Hall [Contact to Mangeum Go at 010-3411-8656]
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