Department of Electronics Engineering

Mixed-Signal Integrated System Lab [Prof. Hyungwon Kim]


  • HyungWon Kim (E10-514 / +82-43-261-2399)
  • Lab : Mixed Signals Integrated Systems /
  • Major : Wireless Network, Embedded System, Mixed Signal Circuit Design
  • Profiles
    • Ph.D. Degree: Univ. of Michigan, USA in 1999 in Electrical Engineering
    • Wireless & Network chip development in Broadcom & Intel in US.
    • Founded Xronet, a WiFi, WiMAX chip start up company in 2005.
    • Current Research Areas: Wireless networks, Low Power Sensor Networks, V2V Communications, Mixed Signal Circuits, Low Power Sensing & ADCs.
  • Assistant professor in Chungbuk University (appointed in Mar. 2013)
  • Founder of Xronet, a high-technology venture company developing Wifi/WiBro wireless communication chip (2005)
  • Worked at Broadcom, USA designing Wifi SoC and wireless network chips (2000)
  • Worked at Intel, USA designing low-power CPU (1998)
  • Doctoral degree from university of Michigan, Bachelor and Master’s degrees from KAIST

Research Areas (MSIS LAB)

  • SoC Design for Analog-Digital Mixed Signal
  • SoC Design for Touch Screen Sensor and Bio-Medical Sensor
  • Design of Embedded System for ARM Processor
  • Study on Wireless Sensor Network and Smart Grid
  • Study on Future Wireless Communication Technology IoT
  • Study on Sensor Network and Wireless Communication Between Vehicles

Research Projects (in progress)

  • Developing large sized touch screen control SoC
  • Developing low-power wireless sensor network embedded system
  • Studying on future IoT wireless network technology

Research Projects (last 3 years)

  • Wifi based video transmission sensor network
  • Image recognition wireless sensor network
  • SoC chip development for touch screen detection
  • Sensor chip development for fingerprint recognition and bio-medical chip
  • Sensing technology for smart cars and wireless network between cars

Career after Graduation

  • Mobile phone development for Samsung and LG as well as Wifi, wireless communication chip, S/W development
  • Development of sensor driving circuit for Hyundau Motors and wireless communication for cars
  • Development of Bio-medical sensor for Samsung Medicine and medical devices
  • KEPCO research team for smart grid network
  • Mixed-signal SoC development teams for advanced venture companies


  • Professor laboratory: Room 514, Education Hall [Phone 261-2399, Email:]
  • Graduate laboratory: Room 515-517, Education Hall [Contact to Hojin Kang at 010-9155-5081]
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