Department of Control and Robot Engineering

Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Laboratory [Prof. Myeong Geun Jeon]


  • Myeong-Geun Jeon (E10-311 / +82-43-261-2388)
  • Lab : Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Lab
  • Major : Biometrics
  • Profiles
    • Ph.D. Degree: KAIST Ph.D., 1993
    • Work Experience :1993 ~ 1996 Samsung Electronics Automation Research Institute Senior Researcher
      2000 ~ 2001 University of Alberta visiting researcher
      1996.3 ~ Present Chungbuk National University Professor of Electronic Engineering
    • Research Areas : Biometrics

Research Areas

Image Processing, Fingerprint&Facial recognition, Image Processing on Smart phones.

Major Research Projects

  • Device security technology analysis using biometrics and future technology inducement : Samsung Electronics
  • Study on standardization with application of fintech technology : Korea Internet & Security Agency
  • Multi-view face and gait recognition using thermography combined with visible light image : Research Foundation
  • Development of fingerprint sensor module (thin film type) for smart devices : Befs Co., Ltd.

Graduates and Career Prospects

  • 25 masters, 7 doctoral graduates (currently 4 in master's program and 3 in doctoral program)
  • Semiconductor inspection equipment company using image processing (Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Engineering, Startup, etc.)
  • Water resources system management by pattern recognition (Water Resources Corporation)

Features of "Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Laboratory"

  • Network with those who are from labs in University/Laboratory/Public Corporation/Conglomerate
  • Technological acquisition for embedded hardware as well as image processing software
  • Improving business capacity through participation in research project (at least one project per person)

Consultation & Inquiries

  • Professor Office: #311, Education Building, Tel: 261-2388, e-mail:
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