Department of Control and Robot Engineering

Sensor and Navigation System Laboratory


  • Chansik Park (E10-315 / +82-43-261-3259)
  • Lab : Sensor And Navigation System Lab /
  • Major : Navigation & Digital System
  • Profiles
    • Ph.D. Degree: Doctor of Engineering, Seoul National University, 1997
    • Work Experience :1984.2~1997.8 Samsung Electronics, Information and Communication Principal Researcher
      2002.8~2003.8 MGP (Mathematical Geodesy and Positioning), Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands visiting researcher
      1997.8~present Professor of Electronic Engineering, Chungbuk National University
    • Research Areas : Navigation & Digital System

Wireless Sensor Network

  • Medical Instrumentation Equipment Interlocking with Smart Phone
  • Remote Sensing System for Nuclear Power Plant

Navigation System

  • GNSS Software Receiver & Signal generator
  • GPS Attitude Determination System
  • Image based Indoor Navigation
  • Personal Navigation System

Vehicle Navigat

  • Autonomous Car
  • GNSS/INS/DR/Vision Integrated Navigation

Car Electronics

  • Driving Style Detection Technique
  • Damping Control Stability Improvement
  • Control Device for Diesel Engine Exhaust Fluid Load

Recent Industry-University Collaboration

Sans Lab

  • Professor Office : #315, Education Building [+82-43-261-3259]
  • Graduate School Office : #303, #304, Education Building
  • Researchers : 1 Ph.D, 3 masters, 2 undergraduates

Features of Sans Lab

  • Acquisition of work experience on H/W, F/W, S/W design related to sensor and navigation
  • Brisk exchange with Institutions, Corporations, Universities, Laboratories
  • Strong bond with graduates [Home coming day]
  • Vigorous home and abroad academic conference [Attending every year -ION, ISGNSS, KIMST, KGS, etc.]

Employment after Graduate

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