Department of Control and Robot Engineering

Speech Communication Laboratory [Prof. Oh Wook Kwon]


  • Oh-Wook Kwon (E10-312 / +82-43-261-3374)
  • Lab : Speech Communication Lab /
  • Major : Voice Recognition, Electrical Audio Signal Processing
  • Profiles
    • Ph.D. Degree: KAIST Doctor of Engineering , 1997
    • Work Experience :
      1988.3~2000.4 Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Principal Researcher
      2000.5~2003.3 Research Professor at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
      2001.3~2003.8 University of California, San Diego Resarcher
      2003.9~present Chungbuk National University Professor of Electronic Engineering
    • Research Areas : Voice Recognition

Research Areas

  • Speech Recognition : Smart Phone, Intelligent Robot, Smart TV, Navigation, Application system development for English education
  • Speech and Audio Signal Processing : Emotion Recognition, English Fluency Evaluation, Algorithms for Audio Quality Improvement
  • Pattern Recognition : Research for Heart Sound Recognition Algorithm
  • Korean/English Speech Recognition
  • Speech Recognition Robot
  • Smart TV
  • Speech Recognition Navigation
  • Emotion Recognition & Fluency Evaluation
  • Speech Recognition Application for English Education

Research Projects (last 3 years)

  • Emotion Recognition & Fluency Evaluation (Research Foundation)
  • English Speech-Text Alignment Module Development (TOOMI)
  • WFST based Speech Recognition Technology Development (SK Telecom)
  • Continuous Speech Recognition Algorithm Development (SK Telecom)
  • Phase based Speech Processing (Research Foundation)

Researchers and Career Prospects

  • Present : 2 in master's course , 3 in doctoral course
  • Graduates: 3 masters, 2 Ph.D.
  • Careers: ETRI, SK Telecom, Hyundai Rotem, Hynix, Ngensoft

Features of Laboratory

  • Training the best speech recognition expert in the country
  • Participating international symposium more than once while in master's course
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