Department of Control and Robot Engineering

Intelligent Robots Laboratory [Prof. Gon Woo Kim]


  • Gon-Woo Kim (E10-314 / +82-43-261-2486)
  • Lab : Intelligent Robots Lab /
  • Major : Autonomous mobile robot
  • Profiles
    • Ph.D. Degree: Doctor of Engineering, Seoul National University, 2006
    • Work Experience :2006~2008 Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Robot Technology Division researcher appointed
      2012.3~present Chungbuk National University Associate Professor of Electronic Engineering
    • Research Areas : Autonomous mobile robot

Research Areas

  • Sensor Convergence based Environment & Position Recognition
  • Autonomous Driving Mobile Robot
  • Remote Control based Robot Control
  • Intelligent Unmanned Autonomous Driving Vehicle
  • Imaged based Recognition and Control
  • Outdoor Autonomous Driving
  • Remote Control for Underwater Robot
  • Remote Control for Nuclear Robot & Autonomous Driving
  • Autonomous Driving for Unmanned Mobile Robot

Major Project Performances [Projects in progress since 2014]

  • Development of Indoor Automatic Navigation Technology for Automation and Unmanned System (Leading Industry R&D of Great-sphere economic region)
  • Development of Technology for Harbor Facilities Inspection Equipment (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
  • Remote Control based Mobile Platform Driving Control S/W Module Development (ETRI)
  • Research and service task performance for other industries and research institutes

Graduates & Students

  • 1 master (currently working for a company related to game development)
  • Students: 4 in master's course, 3 undergraduate researchers


  • Professor Office: #314, Education Building [Tel: 261-2486]
  • Graduate School Office: #404, Education Building [Inquiry: Chang Seob Shin, 010-2062-4912]
  • Email:
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