Department of Computer and Communication Engineering

Lab of Optical Information Processing & Radio Communication [Professor Nam Kim]


  • Nam Kim (E8-10-401 / +82-43-261-2482)
  • Lab : Optical Information Processing (OIP) /
  • Ph.D, Electronics Engineering, Yonsei University.
  • 2015.6~Present: President, BEMS
  • Lately 3 years, SCI 44 papers, KCI 11 papers, International/Domestic Conference 149 paper, Patent 6 cases.
  • Current Research Areas: Electromagnetic Fields, Optics
  • 1989 ~ Appointed as a professor in the department of Information and Communication
  • 2012 ~ IEC TC110 WG6 Convenor
  • 2014 ~ a member of Chungbuk National University Committee on Future Development
  • 2014 ~ a expert member in Basic research center of National Research Foundation of Korea
  • 2015 ~ a president of Bioelectromagnetics Society
  • 2016 ~ a chairman of KWPF, Korea Wireless Power Transfer Promotion Forum
  • 2016 ~ a chairman of Committee EMC Standards
  • Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctor's degree in Yonsei University

Research Area

  • A study on Optical Information Processing & Optical Communications
  • A study on Holograms & 3D Stereoscopy
  • A study on Antenna development & Wireless power transmission technology
  • A study on the impact of Electromagnetic on a human body & EMI/EMC

Research Project (in progress)

  • A development of manufacturing technology for Holographic Optical Element
  • A original technology development of Large-screen digital Holographic Contents Production
  • A research and development of Hologram Fusion Technology [ITRC Center]
  • A development of wireless power transmission Shielding Technique
  • A study on Electromagnetic Influence on a living body & a harmful effect on a human body

Research Project (the recent three years )

  • A study on providing Effective Electromagnetic Information & a Community Response Plan
  • A Measurement and Evaluation based Foundation of a Three-dimensional Display
  • A simulator of PHY/MAC Integrated Interference Analysis for Spectrum Sharing
  • A Original Technology Development of Digital Holographic 3D Imaging System for
    Acquiring & Reproducing 3D Spatial Information
  • A Development of General-purpose Stereoscopic Image Acquisition Module of a
    Surgical Microscope

Career after graduation

  • National Research Institutes [Agency for Defense Development, Institute of Atomic Energy
    Research, ETRI, Radio Research Institute, Korea Food & Drug Administration, etc.]
  • Large corporations [Samsung, LG, SK, Hyundai, Motorola, KT, etc.]
  • College professor & post-doctoral programs
  • General enterprises

OIP(Optical Information Processing) LAB

  • Prof. Laboratory : Room #401, building E8-10 Telephone : 261-2482, Email:
  • Graduate school Lab.. : Room #411 & 410, building E8-10 Telephone : 267-8490, 276-9957
  • Lab : [ITRC Center] Room #804, #705 Industrial Technology Research Park [Inquiry: Do-Min Choi, 010-4830-1778]
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