Department of Computer and Communication Engineering

Wireless Communication Lab [Professor Young-Ju Kim]


  • YoungJu Kim (E8-10-404 / +82-43-261-3375)
  • Lab : Wireless System Engineering /
  • Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, KAIST, 2001.
  • 2012 The Eighth International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications, BEST PAPER AWARD
  • Current Research Areas: Analyzing and Develping Physical Layer Standardizaion
  • Sep. 2003 ~ Present, Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Chungbuk National University
  • July 2011 ~ July 2012, Visiting professor, Purdue Univ.
  • Jan. 2001 ~ Aug. 2003, LG electronic UMTS Systems Research Institute
  • Feb. 2001, Doctoral degree in Korea Advanced Institute of Science and
    Technology (KAIST)

Research Area(WiSE LAB)

  • A study on Beamforming Technique in a multi-cell multi-antenna system
  • Differential codebook design according to the correlation of the wireless channel
  • A design of the Optimal Line Encoder
  • A study on the next generation mobile communication
  • The research on the Latest Coding Theory
  • A study on Distributed Antenna Systems

Research Project (the recent three years)

  • A study on Dual-layer Beamforming Techniques in the LTE Advanced System

Career after graduation

  • Development teams of mobile phones such as Samsung, LG etc.
  • Development teams of wireless communication for vehicle
  • Mathworks Education & Engineering Teams
  • 4G/5G Standard Research Teams
  • Supercomputer Research Teams in National Institute for
    Mathematical Sciences
  • Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai-Bell Laboratory

Lab. WiSE (Wireless System Engineering) LAB

  • Prof. Laboratory : Room #404, Building 5 of Engineering
    Phone : 261-3375, 010-2274-6904 / Email:
  • Graduate school Lab. : Room #412, Building 5 of Engineering
    [Inquiry: Chang-Won Seo, 010-2605-3738]
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