Department of Computer and Communication Engineering

Lab of Application Electromagnetic [Professor Byeong-Cheol An]


  • Byeong-Cheol An (E10-611 / +82-43-261-3194)
  • Lab: Applied Electromagnetics (AEL) /
  • Ph.D, Electrical Engineering, U. Mississippi, 1992
  • 1983~1986: Goldstar Precision
  • 1993~1994: Agency for Defense Development
  • Current Research Areas: Antennas, Microwaves, Radio Engineerin
  • 1995 Appointed as a professor in Chungbuk National University
  • 1993 Agency for Defense Development [Researcher of technology]
  • 1986 Mississippi State University [Researcher]
  • 1983 Worked at GoldStar (LG) [Senior researcher]
  • A Ph.D. degree at Mississippi State University, a master’s degree at
    Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, a bachelor’s degree
    at Seoul National University

Research Area (Applied Electromagnetics)

  • Antenna : Smart phones, Vehicles, Aircrafts, Ships, Military, Mobile tracking, RFID
  • High frequency circuit : Sensors, Radar, Communication
  • Electromagnetic Application System : Network Analyzer, Wireless charging,
    Breast Cancer Diagnostic Device
  • Electronic systems : Smart car keys, Smart door locks
  • Systems : ZigBee, Instrumentation, Bluetooth
  • RF active and passive components

Research Project (in progress)

  • The technical research on E-Loran transmitting antenna and matching circuit
  • X-band transmission parts for Earth Observation Satellites
  • A study on improving the performance of dual-band feed tracking system

Research Project (the recent three years)

  • Dual-band (S/C bands ) feeds prototype development
    for automatic tracking antenna
  • Development of precision miniature fuses GPS receiver/repeater
  • Development of inspection equipment large goods box
  • A study on receiving performance of a wireless link of
    high-speed railway integral type wireless sensor nodes
  • Development of high-efficiency wireless charging device using
    the advanced ferrite material

Career after graduation

  • Research Institutes : ETRI, Agency for Defense Development
  • Research Institutes for large corporations : Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Hyundai Mobis, Hanwha Thales, SK Hynix
  • Research Institutes for medium and small firms : Yutel, Mutronics, T&P Solution, Gammanu, Ethertronics, Galtronics
  • Startup business : Antenna engine, Doota, EMCDH

Lab. AEL (Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory)

  • Prof. Laboratory : Room #611, Education center
    Telephone : 261-3194, Email:
  • Graduate school Lab. : Room #519, Education center
    [Inquiry : Jae-Ho Cha, 010-9068-9389]
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