Department of Computer and Communication Engineering

Computer Communication Laboratory (CCLab)


  • Soochang Park (E8-1 / 405 / +82-43-261-2262)
  • LAB: Computer Communication Lab
  • 2005. 9-2011. 8 Dept. of Computer Engineering, Graduate School, Chungnam National University (Ph. D)
  • 2012. 3-2013. 2 Rutgers Center for Operations Research, Rutgers University (Postdoctoral Researcher)
  • 2013. 3-2015. 10 Institute Mines-Telecom, Telecom SudParis (Research Engineer)
  • 2015. 11-2017. 2 Deprt. of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Research Associate)
  • 2017. 3-Present Dept. of Computer Engineering, Chungbuk National University (Professor)
  • Current Research Areas: Computer Networks, Internet of Things, Cyber-physical Systems, Smart City Applications, etc.

Research Areas

  • Computer Networks
  • Wireless Networking
  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Applications
  • Urban Sensing and Mobile Sensing
  • Data Analytics

Research Project

  • Research on Infrastructure-free Urban Sensor Networks
  • Research on Direct M2M based Low Latency Communication Technology
  • Research on Development of Intelligent Industrial Internet of Things (I3oT) with Edge Hierarchy and 5G Device-to-Device Communications

Career after Graduation

  • Postdoctoral Researcher in RUTCOR, Research Fellow in Telecom SudParis, Contributor in oneM2M ETSI partner, Research Associate at Social Media Lab. in HKUST, etc.


  • Prof. Lab : #405- Building E8-1
    Tel : 261-22625, Email :
  • Graduate School Lab : #424- Building E8-1

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