School of Computer Science

Computer Graphics & Contents Lab [Prof. Kwan Hee Yoo]


  • Kwan Hee Yoo (S4-1 / 319 / +82-43-261-2788)
  • LAB: Computer Graphics and Contents
  • Ph.D., KAIST
  • DACOM Corporation, Senior Researcher
  • CMU Robotics Institute, Visiting Professor
  • Chungbuk National University(1997 ~ present)
  • Big Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Computer Graphics, AI Computer Vision Testing

Research Area

  • Development of algorithm generating autostereoscopic 3D image and 3D hologram
  • Development of interactive 3D virtual experience learning and 3D medical systems
  • Development of image processing and visualization for big data
  • Development of AI & Computer Vision Testing

Research Projects

  • Development of Visualization Technology [GrandICT]
  • Autostereoscopic 3D Image Generation for Smart Learning Contents
  • Completion of 3D Medical Project, Modeling Animation

Researcher Support

  • Tuition and living expenses, domestic and overseas conferences

Contact Information

  • #319, S4-1[Computer Science Bldg.] [Tel:261-2788]
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